One-to-One Mentorship

I offer a highly focused one-to-one training experience, tailored to my student and their photographic skill level. I can help you learn the artistic aspects of photography, help you develop your eye for light, form, shape, composition and color, along with developing your inner vision. I also help you with post-processing works-flows and introduce techniques from my other artwork, like painting, sketching & CGI ( computer generated imagery ) into your understanding of post-processing photographs. Learning the technical aspects of photography is the easy part, and can be learned rather quickly. It is when you learn to see with your inner eye, that your images will connect with your audience and make them see the story that you want to tell with your body of work.

The agenda for the session will be set by your requirements, and I will work with you at your pace, to come up with a plan to ensure that you get the most value for your time. I want you to walk away from our one-to-one mentorship as a stronger visual artist, who is excited and energized to go out there and tell memorable tales through your photographs and inspire the world around you to care for all living things that make our world a truly special place.


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