As photographers, sometimes we get lost in the world of the camera while losing sight of the fact that what really matters first is your eye and then only, the equipment. This philosophy is what made me pick up my iPhone every now and then, disconnect from the crazy technical side of photography, and just focus on the actual act of making a photograph.

More than it being about using your phone camera to make beautiful images, my workshop actually focuses on sharing what I have learned over the years that might help you in developing your eye and learning to follow your instinct when it come to capturing moments. And using a simple phone camera is just a way to disconnect you from all those technical things, allowing you to just focus on framing, composing, lighting and subject matter/story. For a fun filled two days of photography chats and in-field work, register yourself for my workshop

Students must bring a mobile phone with at least an 8 MP camera running either IOS or Android (preferably an iPhone 5 or later versions)